Wonderful Articles of the Week – 30 August 2016

Roll up.  Roll up.  Everything is here.  More than last week, that’s for sure!!!!


Awake and alive – Everything from podcasts to movement.  This website is all about helping you get better.


Introducing polarized training


4 hip mobility drills to improve your squat – If you want to get your squat numbers up, but are struggling, then this is for you.

Journal Article – Compliance with Sport Injury Prevention

Motor learning  – Folks from GMB are at it again with quality material.

Does physical activity attenuate, or even eliminate, the detrimental association of sitting time with mortality –  This is what happens when scientists want to read too much.  This study is HUGE!!!!

Exercise as effective as surgery for middle aged patients with knee damage – Who would have thought……

Ankle mobility and injury prevention – – ankle mobility and injury.  There are some common sense approaches…


3 tips on getting that first muscle up – Muscle ups.  Eveyone is trying to get one.  Some succeeding, most not.  Here are 3 great tips to get one sooner rather than later.

Ladies, lifting heavy won’t make you “bulk up”


Protein for vegans and vegetarians

Boosting the Immune System

Rethinking the lunchbox – Lunches.  Always the most difficult thing to prepare.  What happens when you are given suggestions???


Get back on schedule – Getting back on track is difficult.  Time away from exercising.  Eating too much.  Not getting quality rest.  All these play a part.

Stop Lying to Yourself – The Goal of Exercise Intensity Is Not to Get Tired