Quality of the week – 31st of July 2016

Welcome to the third installment!!!  Reading.  Reading.  Playing.  Testing.  All in a week’s work for a strength and conditioning coach.

I have added a new segment, simply titled, website of the week (no need for a drum-roll, just a small golf clap will do).  This week it’s to do with marathon running.  A big thank you to a student who pointed me in the direction.

Website of the week

Marathon Academy

This is a great site for all.  Although it’s directed at the crazy people who run that far, there is a decent blog series, podcast, as well as other bits and pieces.

General Health and Fitness

With the Olympics only days away, it was refreshing to see some articles around the use of drugs in sport.  Two articles really drew my attention to the plight of clean athletes.

Lance’s biographer still doesnt get

How the Olympic cult of performance breeds doping

How much exercise do you need


Motivation and Mindset

From the motivation and mindset it was hard to go past these two.  Jill Coleman is one of the leaders for female health, so when she talks, we should all listen.  As for the article from Catalyst Athletics the heading says it all.

How to get motivated – Jillfit.com

Why are you here

Superior inhibitors for cyclists – research article


Sleeping.  Once a domain of the strongest people on the planet, now falls into the “too hard” category.

Sleeping just once a day wasnt normal until modern times

Strength Training

Everyone wants to get strong, but what should be do?  Thee articles will answer that very question (and more)…

Why I keep coming back to kettlebells

Maximize muscle gains


One of the most touchy subjects known to the world of fitness.  This doesn’t work.  This is better.  Some great articles on here.

Ketogenic diets

Are you treating training nutrition methods as religion or science

This is why your diet is failing

Carbs. The dietary scapegoat

Mobility and Movement

Just load it

“How to”

This will make people stand up and take notice.  What are your most important words in the S&C world?  Eric Cressey tells it like it is.

The most important three words in strength and conditioning

Books I have finished

As you can see I am a bit of a compulsive reader, so there are times to just read a book for the hell of it.  This was the one that took my fancy this time round.

Farewell the greatest story of the Twentieth Century



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