Quality Articles of the week – 7th September 2016

Wow.  Aren’t the weeks just flying by!!!  September already, and more articles getting read.

As always, I have picked the biggest and best material I have come across.  It is wide and varied.  Everything from email subscriptions, Facebook, Twitter, as well as articles sent to me by students and friends to view and mull over.  All the favourites are there, but I have added a section called coaching.

 Web page of the week


General Fitness

10 minutes of body weight movement when you first wake up? Spot on.  10 minute bodyweight routine

I normally don’t share articles that have the words best, worst, dumbest and stupid in them, but let Nick take you on a little journey.  7 most common dumbest exercises

Movement Wellness

Gold Medal Bodies.  Wonderment.  Fix your feet

Strength Training

From my perspective, everyone needs to lift weights, be it your own body weight, or weights on a bar, or even from a machine when necessary.  Stacks gives some pretty decent reasons why runners should lift. Why runners need to lift weights


We all think that we should keep our little dark secrets away from our trainers, nutritionists and others.  It is really a bad thing to do.  Here is why Nutritionists. What they want you to knowpyMgBKJx0

But bro.  I want to get massive!!!  Do you also want to get broke?  Have a read. Are you still wasting money on amino acids

Is there such a thing? Best protein powder

Mmmmmmm.  Coffeee.Dark side of dark roast

We all know that junk food can contain a shitload of calories.  But what else can they hold???  Junk food culprits

Mental Wellness

We see it and hear it.  Sometimes not to our face, but through friends, or through walls.  This article is bloody wonderful Why am I so fat?

Ah.  Eric Thomas.  ET the hip hop preacher.  I saw this man two years ago, and it was thought provoking.  Keep fighting

Strength and Conditioning Research have done exceptional work here.  Mental training

Let the ladies from Girls Gone Strong set you right.  Bad habits prevent results

In a never ending quest for goodness and greatness, we forget one little thing.  Work hard.  Work your hardest today


When Mike Robertson talks, we all should be listening.Tips for client centered coaching

Cressey on point!!!  6 objectives for successful training sessions

James Clear.  Wonderful Shadow side