Quality Articles of the Week – 28 September 2016

Where did the week go!!!!  Last time I remember, I was just submitting last week’s blog.   Articles.  Articles.  More articles.  A new Website of the week, and commencing a new read.

Website of the Week

I know.  I spelt coffee wrong.  Or did I?  This lady has been doing some pretty special things recently, and she also has an article listed in the mental wellness section as well.  Go and take a read.  You will not be disappointed.

Strong Coffey

General Fitness

Are you wondering what this word is?  Could it be water?  Could it be sleep?  What about eating?  Click on the link and find out….

One question to change your health

Fitness tests.  They are a dime a dozen.  There is always someone coming out with something new to try to beat the oldies.  Funny thing is, this one among the ones working….

Multi stage Fitness beep test

Run a km.  Eat a cake.  Eat this, and you will have to do 100 burpees.  Please.  Forgive me while I become violently ill from stupidity.  Great article from Nia.

Exercise is not a punishment

Movement Wellness

Tony Gentilcore.  Big head.  Big brain.  Strong as fuck.  Plus he is a pretty decent educated human on all things “body”.

Shoulder mobility

It must be Tony week this week.  Intervals.  We all should do them, but how, and when and where?  This will clear those questions up for you…

The ultimate interval session

Dean Somerset.  The other half of the Tony and Dean show.  Another smart guy that people should be following.

Neutral spine concepts

The best thing about growing up in the 70’s was that when the test pattern came on the TV, you knew it was time for bed.  Now you can sit up from dusk to dawn, and not even think about sleeping.  If you like to watch TV, but don’t get enough movement, then this is right down the side of your seat…oops I mean in the bottom of your walking shoes.

Six ways to keep moving while you watch tv

No.  There is no dodgy Russian accent.  But there is a pretty solid article about finding pain…

Hunting for pain

Strength Training

I have no idea.  Read the article.  You will understand it better than me trying to explain it 😉  It will indeed hep you get stronger and faster.

Post Activation Potentation

You have problems but your snatch and your clean and jerk aren’t on that list?  Well for those that do, take the time to read this.  Oh, and don’t forget to practice!!!1

5 mistakes you are making with Olympic lifts


Ohhhhhh.  I gotta see this!!!!!!

Worlds simplest breakfast

Don’t eat this.  Don’t eat that.  Spit that out, it’s nothing but butter in coffee 😉  Take a look and understand.

11 demonised foods you should eat

Mmmmm protein…..

Effects of skeletal muscle energy availability on protein turnover responses to exercise

Mental Wellness

Kelly Coffey.  Thank you.

Ugh. I am so fat


A new section I have created is one called humanity.

Speaking up

James Fell at Body for Wife do a bloody splendid job and telling people how it is.  Here is one that should resonate with a lot of people…

Weight loss and the self love self awareness self loathing continuum


What technology is being used in training and rehab?  Well, glad you asked.

Applied technology in training and rehab

If you are a parent of a child who plays sport, then this is for you.

Parents’ Use of Outdated Advice May Slow Concussion Recovery

Started Reading

Finally getting back to reading this.  Not that I want to be a psychologist, but it does allow me to learn new ways of coaching.

Being a Sport Psychologist