Great articles of the week – 20th September 2016

Hard to believe another week has come and gone.   Once again, articles that have had me thinking and reviewing are here, as well as a new Website of the week.  I have also finished reading Dark Emu from Bruce Pascoe, and picked up the book Every day is Game Day.  Both should be on everyone’s reading list.

Website of the Week

If you want to get behind a great cause, then Love Your sister is for you.  Just think.  A bloke.  A unicycle.  Unicycling around Australia to raise funds for his sister who has cancer.

Love your Sister

General Fitness

Fluid intake.  One of the most simplest ways to perform better and for longer, but yet, one of the least things done well in sport in general.

Hydration during exercise

Journals can be such a boring type of document to read.  Hands up if you agree?  Go on.  Put them down now.  But what about when it has to do with school age children and the ever growing obesity epidemic…..

Composition of objectively measured physical activity and sedentary behaviour participation across the school-day

They are there.  You just have to listen to the sales pitch and the funky words…..

Charlatans in the Fitness Industry

Why do you work out?  Is it for the lady up the road.  Maybe it’s for your upcoming birthday party.  How about not ending up like your mother?  Now that I have your attention…..

Why I work out

Week after week, Nia Shanks delivers.  It really makes my job a little easier

Stupid advice

Movement Wellness

Muscle ups.  People have the down as part of the holy grail in sports.  Why?  Because they can be so damn difficult to get a decent handle on.  Let Dan point you in the right direction.

Drills to improve your muscle up

In this day and age, it’s always refreshing to see something that has been said time and time again, really come to life.

The move more report

This to be is like the game of meeting bingo I used to play.  It is amazing what some people will follow these days.

Therapy babble

Strength Training

Hail.  It’s gluteus Maximus!!!  Well not quite, but if you can train this muscle well, your job is half done….

Evidence based strength training for gluteus maximus

I had to change the title.  You can guess why.  If your snatch is the problem, then check out the article from Greg.

Fixing up your Olympic snatch


I know.  Honestly.  Who has left over coffee….

What to do with left over coffee

Buy this.  It will fix your acne.  By this for a bigger erection.  Drink this for more muscle.  The claims are endless.  Here is a link to everything that has been researched and tested.

Supplements. Which ones are nothing but snake oil

Do you know what casein protein is?  Do you know how good it is for you?  Well then, click the link.

Casein Protein  Leaders in everything food.  You name it.  They have looked at it.  This is another quality piece.

Examine and artificial sweeteners

Do you use apple cider vinegar?  I think the question should be, why don’t you?

Hormones in milk

Mental Wellness

This is a great picture from Dean Somerset’s Instagram page.  Take a look.

Do you do what you love?


You sign up a new client who is itching to get started.  You have done your homework on their needs and requirements.  You write the program, and send it off.  Next thing you know they are making changes.  what can you do to stop that from happening?  Say thank you to Tony Gentilcore.

How to make your programs get followed

Does being a better writer make you a better coach?  I think so as it allows you to get down the individual’s level.  It also allows you to develop your own writing style, instead of to be everyone else

How to be a better writer

Started Reading

Still reading the book from EXOS and uncovering some great tips.

Everyday is game day