Great articles of the week – 14 September 2016

Hard to believe another week has come and gone.   Once again, articles that have had me thinking and reviewing are here, as well as a new Website of the week.  I have also finished reading Dark Emu from Bruce Pascoe, and picked up the book Every day is Game Day.  Both should be on everyone’s reading list.

Website of the Week

Great site. Chock full of EVERYTHING!

Science Driven Nutrition

General Fitness

Physical inactivity is the largest issue currently known.  Our ability to hunt our own food, and make our own fire, have been taken away from us.  This, coupled with our desire to watch anything, is our greatest undoing.

Physical Inactivity

Ah.  IFL.  You have done it again.

7 myths about how to stay in shape

If you don’t follow Nia Shanks, you are doing yourself a great disservice.

Health and fitness principles

This little page has been earmarked already as the website of the week previously, and with quality content such as this, it is no wonder.

Work your hardest today

Movement Wellness

It is quite a touchy subject.  Everyone has an opinion.  However, at the end of the day, if it feels good for you, then why not.?

Foam rollers

Breathing.  We have always done it.  When we stop breathing, life stops.  But do you know how to ‘fix’ your breathing, to recover better, to function better?

Simple breathing techniques

Strength Training

The big three.  The main lifts.  The biggest bang for your buck.  Whatever way you describe them, if you don’t do them in some form or variation, you are missing out.  But what about those so called sticking points?

Squat. Deadlift. Bench. Sticking points



From the website of the week, comes this great article.

Important of aspects of nutrition

We hear all the time how people can’t afford to eat good quality health food.  Do they have a point?  This will is extremely interesting.

Junk food vs healthy food. Which is the more expensive?

Clean eating.  You hear it all the time.  Don’t eat this.  Don’t eat that.  Blah.  Blah.  Only eat healthy food.  Well, let’s see what happens here..

A dietitian puts extreme clean eating claims to the test and the results arent pretty  Leaders in everything food.  You name it.  They have looked at it.  This is another quality piece.

Propionate ally against overeating

Do you use apple cider vinegar?  I think the question should be, why don’t you?

Apple cider vinegar uses

Junk food.  We all see it.  Most of us eat it.  Most of us eat way too much of it.  But which foods are the worst?

Huge portions of junk food – the 7 worst culprits

Mental Wellness

Psychology.  A bigger part in performance than most people think.

Sports Performance Psychology

It is always a great day when you can get some wise words from Martin himself.

Martin Rooney goodness

Technology.  An absolute godsend.  You can check everything and anything at the blink of an eye.  But is it good for you?

Im mad as hell and why you should be too

Eating.  One of life’s greatest pleasures.  But the mindset about eating has changed, and for the wrong reasons.  Take a read here, and understand.

Women stop apologizing for eating


Children should play.  Take ballet.  Run.  Kick a ball.  Swim.  Surf.  Do handstands.  Throw balls.  Dance.  They should not specialise in a sport until they are much older.  Remember, your dream of them becoming a sports star, may not be their dream.

Is it wise to specialize

Finished Reading

If you want a book that will challenge your way of thinking about the Indigenous people, then read the book.  If you want to believe that they did nothing but throw spears, and walk around aimlessly, then this book is not for you.  Be challenged.  Be rewarded

Bruce Pascoe – Dark Emu

Started Reading

The team at EXOS (previously Athletes Performance) have been leaders for as long as I can remember.  This is a book that I have put off for reading for quite some time, so I was glad to pick my Kindle up and start.  So many great ideas already.

Everyday is game day