Best articles of the week – 7th of October 2016

This is what happens when you enjoy the long weekend, and take a couple of extra days off.  You forget where you are up to.  Anyway, without any further adieu, lets get to the articles of the week.

General Fitness

Ah….Girls Gone Strong.  The quality is awesome!!!!!  Thank you.

Does Lifting Heavy Make You Bulky?

What happens when you are an eighth grader, and your teacher wants you to provide your BMI score.  Read it.  You will definitely share it.

The perfect response to BMI

Movement Wellness

Scientists and doctors the world over say we don’t move enough, and I agree.  But how can we find ways to get more movement in our daily lives?  Here are 4 ways.  No doubt they will provide a trigger for 4 more.

4 ways to move more

NEAT.  Yes I have used all capital letters.  It’s okay, it means something apart from just a form of dress code.  If you want to drop a couple of kilos, then NEAT is a must.

NEAT. Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis.

Dr Dooley.  Strong lady.  Stronger mind, and always shares quality video.  If you want to get better movement in the shoulder, then this video is for you.

Dr Dooley noted

A lot of students that I see struggle with thoracic mobility.  So if they do, then with a little guesswork, you would as well.  Here are some great drills.

Thoracic mobility drills

Strength Training

80% of 1RM.  What does 3RM equal?  How can I figure this out?  Well just so happens that someone has put it all together for you.

Percentage of repetitions chart

If you think you need to add exercises, review, and remove one. No need for over complicating things….

Simplify your approach to amplify your results


Mmmmmm soup!!!

A soup for all seasons

Mental Wellness

In Australia, October is Mental Health Month.  In keeping with this great cause, this section will be a little bigger than normal.

2500.  That’s the average number of mornings we get.  Sounds like a lot, but they will disappear quickly.  Will you waste them?

2500 mornings

If this is true, the monks have so much more to teach us.

Science says silence much more important our brains than thought

The Wingate Test.  The mother fucker of all testing.  It will fry your brain and your body

The Wingate test


So let’s just say you are a little heavy.  You go to the Doctor to have a chat about some of your blood work.  Everything else comes back okay, but you are then told to jump on the scales. When you get off, you are told you need to drop some kilos.

This article will  make you realise that this is wrong.

Many Doctors, And Most Journalists, Don’t See Past the Fat


How to you define your professional identity?  If you don’t know, then best you be clicking….

Rethinking your Professional Identity

If you are struggling to get information out there, and then get it read, then this is for you.

How to write content that will get read

Started Reading

Down to the last couple of chapters.  It has definitely changed my thoughts on several items.

Being a Sport Psychologist