Best articles of the week – 15 August 2016


Here we go again.  Another week of articles from around the globe.  I took the time to split them this time into the following segments to make it easier for my viewers.  Everything from general fitness, strength, nutrition, motivational, and of course movement and mental wellness. Don’t forget to take a look at the website of the week as well.



GENERAL FITNESS – If you aren’t a follower of this page, head there now (unless of course you believe Pete Evans to be a demi god)…..

The power of sleep in pictures


MOVEMENT WELLNESS!Do-injury-rates-effect-team-performance/uv4ve/579603bf0cf2a8522f97399f – Great article about how injury rates affect teams – what you can do to boost your injury risk (and of course we want to do that)!  COD (no the other one)  How important is it for your sport.

The forgotten often overlooked cause of low back pain

What does the evidence tell us is the best exercise for back pain

STRENGTH TRAINING – great page with quality info.  It’s all about the grip…

NUTRITION – Tour de Burger!!!! – Protein.  Muscles.  Recovery.  YES – let these folks do the research for you. – don’t be scared people
Dr Mike Istreal.  Don’t miss this one.

MENTAL WELLNESS – teaching children good food habits Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)

Five step creative process