Best articles of the fortnight (should of been week, but hey, I missed a week) – 19th of October 2016

Time flies when you are juggling getting the kilometres done so you don’t collapse on a ride in December, plus gastro, plus clients, plus life.  Yeah I know cry you a river.

At least it allowed me to dig up a couple of more quality articles, and you can get to spend some time in the past…

Website of the Week

Drum roll pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

As the title page says “We are the collective”.  If there is a cooler opening page, then I am yet to find it.  A couple of years ago, I was all hypes up to go off to uni and become either a sports scientist, or a exercise physiologist, specialising in rehab.  Instead I weighed up my age, and where I wanted to be,  and how much it would take me to recoup my $$$, and decided that next time around I would definitely sign up for uni 10-15 years earlier.

If you want to learn EVERYTHING about sports science, then this is the place for you.

Sport Science Collective

General Fitness

I know.  Bloody awful title.  It is definitely that time of the year in Australia, where people dust off their runners, and get ready to participate in running events such as Fun Runs, or maybe even join up your local parkrun event.  If you don’t like running, then you could stop, put the shoes away, and take up something else.  Or you could take a look at this page, and see if any of these 11 drills can help you out.

11 running tips that make running less miserable

Back pain.  We have all had it, one way or another.  But what happens when whatever you have tried doesn’t seem to help it.  Exercise may be that option….

Exercise as a beneficial treatment of Chronic lower Back Pain

Movement Wellness

Whenever the folks from Gold Medal Bodies release some new content, it is normally shared.  This is quality, with a capital W (for wrists).

Gold Medal Bodies on wrists

Yes, I am not a Doctor.  No.  I have never had a baby.  But why not listen to a lady who is having one, and has all the necessary qualifications to provide some guidance.

Safe circuits for pregnancy

Whenever we can get people moving nearly as well as they did in the past, then I am all for it.

Exercise Speeds Seniors’ Recovery From Disability

Squatting.  One of life’s greatest pleasures, but also one of our greatest dangers, especially if you are mobile enough.  Take the plunge here and get some info.

Top 5 squat mobility drills

Which is better for middle aged people for their heart.  Is is exercise?  Or could it be diet?  Why couldn’t it be both…….

Diet or Exercise: What’s Best for the Middle-Aged Heart

Strength Training

Mike Robertson is one of these guys that whenever he says reintroduce something, normally means that we don’t do it enough.  Instead of building show and no go muscles, build both..

4 1/2 ways to reintroduce power to your training program

Intensity.  A lot of people have it when they train.  You can tell by the way they approach each set.  How they recover is also crucial.  Then there are the others.  Just floating through the session without a care in the world (nor on their dumbbell, barbell, bench, or whatever piece of equipment they are using)….

A practical guide to training intensity

Greg Lehman.  One smart cookie.  Wherever he appears, follow.  You will be better off.

Why I put strength on dysfunction


If you want free, great and up to date information on all things of a supplement nature, then head to  Today we have an article on appetite reduction.  Bon Appetit.

Examine on Appetite reduction

It is always refreshing to hear from people they don’t know something, instead of trying to bullshit their way into an answer.  Nutrition is such an important topic, so if you want to learn what Brad doesn’t know, then head to here.

I don’t know

Who doesn’t like a good burger.  What about when you add pine nuts and beetroot?  I thought that would grab your attention.

Mmmmm burgers

“Take this cold filtered, nitrate free, chemical free, proprietary blended protein powder from whale’s gelatin, for HUUUUUGGGGEEE gains”.  We have all heard the sales pitch.  Take a read here and get the lowdown on the difference and why whole foods are so much more important.

Protein shakes vs wholefoods

Mental Wellness

I know.  Self promotion isn’t always a good thing, but when it promotes mental health, I am all for rowing my own boat.  Thank you to the local paper for coming on board with a story.

The 22 push up challenge

James Clear.  The science behind motivation.  No need to say thank you.  This is what I do.

James Clear on motivation


It’s very few and far between that I share an article from Sports Illustrated, but this one is definitely one of the better ones.

The truth on Lactic Acid, fatigue and muscle soreness

If you are a helping people make their habits stick, then this article is for you.

How to Help Your Clients Make Healthy Choices In Any Social Situation

How do you make the gains in the gym transfer to the field of play?  Glad you asked.  Click the link.

Transferring weight room activity to the field

Started Reading

Still down to the last couple of chapters. These last couple of been a little deeper…..

Being a Sport Psychologist