Quality Articles of the Week – 21st December 2016

4 more sleeps until the big red guy in a suit that the Welcome December!!!!  The time of year where half the planet shares the love, and the other half get all grumpy.  Now don’t go all analytical on me and tell me my numbers are out 😉

This week we have a new Website of the Week, and some sensational articles from places that you probably wouldn’t expect them to be.

Website of the Week

When the best in the business get excited about this, it should really raise the eyebrows.  So I thought I would jump on the bandwagon known as Weightology.

James Krieger – Weightology

General Health and Fitness

We all want to life the longest time possible, so what if someone told you which exercises or sport to play to get the most of your life?  NO need to thank me, I am just doing my job.

Best sports for exercise: find out which ones will extend your life

Paleo.  Keto.  Low Carb.  Low Fat.  High Fat.  Lego.  Spaghettio.  (Yes, the last two are made up).  There is a diet out there, and fads popping up like a hooker around a seedy nightclub corner.   But which one is the right one for you?  You will be surprised, but not shocked….

The Only Diet That Works

Running.  We all do it (even my brother did it when he ran last night to the toilet), but what we hear is probably the most important thing to our ears.  For me, it’s the sound of a giant elephant, followed by the wheezing of a 90 year old man.  Listen to our steps.  It is the key to injury prevention.

Listen up: running sounds contain clues for injury prevention

James Fell.  Legend.  If you do not follow him, you will not pass go, or collect $200.  He is that good.

Way Beyond Weight Loss: 10 Better Reasons to Exercise

Wellness.  Everyone has a story.  Take this pill.  Drink this milk.  Do yoga.  Do yoga with hot rocks.  Now do yoga while juggling hot rocks.  Does it make you better?  That is the trick with wellness material.  It’s all how it’s packaged.

The sickening business of wellness

Movement Goodness

Now this is quite an interesting read.  The heading is pretty much a message for all the purists of teaching corrective exercises at the sake of normal exercise.  If you are in either camp, it may be beneficial to take a read.

Corrective exercise: What are we correcting?

Squatting.  Awesome post.  Read it.  Squat better.  Squat longer.  Don’t forget to wipe.

We Took Years of Squatting Experience to Give You These 5 Squat Variations

ACL’s are the bane of all sports people.  If they go, well, it’s back to the table for you old friend.  What if we can review what works and what doesn’t and get you back to the field or court faster……

Evidence-based clinical practice update: practice guidelines for anterior cruciate ligament rehabilitation based on a systematic review and multidisciplinary consensus

Mmmmmmm tendons…….

9 tendinopathy truths that you MUST know

Yes, I fucking like squatting.  If you don’t.  Well we just can’t be friends….

Preparation guide for squatting

Strength Training

5 movements to unlock leg power?  Well, I bet you are as curious as I was to find out what they are!!!

5 Movements to Unlock Your Leg Power

Science for Sport is the page I go to learn.  Not just about nutrition, and movement, but everything about the world of exercise science and physiology.  Yes, so much cheaper than a degree, and plus I don’t have to cut people open.  I am that bad my wife won’t let me cut bread.  Must be a left handed thing.

Olympic Weightlifting

Diet and Nutrition

Yes I am Precision Nutrition accredited.  Yes they do good stuff.  Yes I share quality, and this needs to be in here..  .

When the scale sucks: 7 better ways to know if your nutrition plan is working.

How I love the Fight the Fads ladies!!!!  We have people who struggle to get the 5 serves a day of veggies.  So why not make it easy….Click the link.  Say thank you.  It’s how life works.

Economy gastronomy: Here’s how to eat your 5-a-day on the cheap

Oh Examine.  You have done it again (or was it McCain corn)  I always get confused…..

Did you know … sugary fruit could help regulate blood sugar?

I shared this on my School of Strength Facebook page and the response was genuinely surprising.  We still have people who believe that detoxing and cleansing are good for the body, as well as inputting other “supplements” to make the body work “better” and doing it’s “thing”.   I suppose given the age that we live in of wanting results yesterday it is bound to happen.  If I can make one person think twice about jumping on the Isagenix, Juice cleanse, Lemon Detox, or Herbalife, I have done my job.

You can’t detox your body. It’s a myth. So how do you get healthy?

You know you are in a bad place when the nerdiest of the nerds call you out.  Well done British Dietetic Association (BDA).

Top 5 worst celeb diets to avoid in 2017

Mental Goodness

Do you use a Daily Gratitude journal?  Do you write letters (and no not to Santa, or to the policeman who booked you for speeding) to people who have helped you in your journey?

Even it’s something as simple as telling yourself “You have this” or “job well done” it will have a long lasting effect.

Boost Happiness Through Daily Gratitude Mantras and Letter Writing

Don’t you call me irrational???  Well no, not really, but we do have some built in biases when dealing with information.  When you read the article, do yourself a favour and jot down which ones apply to you, and see what you can do to change them.

The 12 cognitive biases that prevent you from being rational

What?  Did I just forget to get bread?  Maybe if I use my golf clubs to get the paper, things will be better.  Now, was that bread or milk I had to get?

We all go through that period, but is it normal??

Is it Normal Forgetfulness? Or Something More Serious?

Mindset is key.  Change yours appropriately.

Change Your Mindset


Busy.  We all glorify the term.  We are too busy to get the washing in.  We are too busy to clean the car.  We are too busy to eat lunch.  Funny how we are never too busy watch TV for hours on end….

7 Ways to Slow Down So You Can Actually Get More Done


Such a shame that the people that back Paleo Pete, Food Babe, Dr Oz, or Dr Mercola, vary rarely read the articles on which science is done.  If they do, they pick ones that are so poor, they aren’t even used to wrap fish and chips in.  Learn how you can be better.

How to Check the Quality of a Research Article

Her is this website again….   It is starting to freak me out a little how they always have something for me to share.  It’s like they are reading my brain waves…

Small Sided Games

I use the plank. There I have said it.  I use it to test core strength and rotation patterns.  What I don’t do is let people plank for minutes on end.  Why?  Because it’s mind numbingly fucking boring for both parties and I find totally worthless.  At the School we plank for a maximum of 40 seconds.  If you can plank for 40 seconds, squeezing your glutes together and pushing your forearms into the ground and maintain good control, then we move on.  No need to hang out there for days.

He does make some very valid points though.  (Maybe I should just write that instead)….

Greg Dea: Questioning the Plank

 Started Reading

Chapter 11. Overtraining chapter. Woo HOOO!!!!  I am making progress again. If you are coaching or looking at coaching endurance athletes, go out and buy a copy.  You will not be disappointed.

Endurance Training – Science and Practice