Quality Articles of the Week – 14th of December 2016

Welcome December!!!!  The time of year where half the planet shares the love, and the other half get all grumpy.  Now don’t go all analytical on me and tell me my numbers are out 😉

This week we have a new Website of the Week, and some sensational articles from places that you probably wouldn’t expect them to be.

Website of the Week

Travis.  Great guy.  Great coach.  Always has quality!!!  If you don’t follow his blog or content, get on board.

Travis Pollen – the Fitness Pollenator

General Health and Fitness

I am all for people getting ready for summer.  But the issue is when things don’t happen on, or after that time frame.  Remember we don’t live for 8 weeks.  We live for 8 decades. Make your fitness lifelong.

Making fitness your lifelong practice

Poo.  Yup.  Everyone giggles.  It’s a common occurrence (well unless you a brand new parent, and then that horrible green/brown stuff, is not a giggling moment.

Everyone Loves Poop

Movement Wellness

ATP.  No.  Not that one.  The other one.

Correcting Anterior Pelvic Tilt

Kneeling push ups.  We use them from time to time at the School, but only as a once off testing indicator.  We don’t program weeks of them, but instead prefer a full body incline position.

Dysfunctional Kneeling Pushups

Nice on Chandler!

Exercise Selection Progressions

Shoulders.  Most of us have functioning shoulders, while others have sticking points here and there.  This is a great article to get those shoulders working better.

Shoulder Saving Exercises

Squatting.  Not enough people in the general population do it.  Why?  Because they break you down.  They show you things you don’t want to see.  But what happens if we can change the warm up?

Preparation guide for squatting

Strength Training

If you are a weightlifter, then you must follow Catalyst Athletics.  If you don’t you are missing out on a tonne of great information.  Even if you do have a coach, this article will be a godsend.

Why percentages don’t feel the same for everyone

Now, this post rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is no such thing as a girls exercise

Handstand pushups.  The exercise that shows off your strength.  But how do you do one?  Glad you asked….

Handstand Push ups

Diet and Nutrition

In Australia, pears are just coming into season (fuck, I sound like Curtis from the Coles commercials).  If you are after some new recipes on pears, click below.

Did someone say Pear recipes?

Yoni Freedhoff.  One smart guy, and doesn’t mind shedding the light on shonky practices, but he also provides quality information.  What are the two easiest lifestyle tweaks?  Well, click below.

The two easiest lifestyle tweaks

Another great article from Brad.

Why dieting sucks

All the guns are out in this article!!!  Thanks Doc!

The top 6 reasons why you are hungry and how to fix it

What is the Glycemic Index diet???  Click the link.Find out.

The Glycemic Index

Examine. Thank you.  Yes, the subject is based on Thanksgiving, but with Christmas, Boxing Day, cricket and New Years Day in next two weeks, this is pretty relevant.

When you binge on Thanksgiving, what happens inside your body?

More Yoni.

No, Our Office’s RD Is Not a “Skinny Bitch”

Mental Wellness

What are you afraid of?  Me.  Ghost tours, and falling off my speeding downhill bike.

What Are You Afraid Of? The Top 5 Fears Keeping You Stuck, and How to Beat Them


You will definitely feel much better after reading this, and signing up to Sam’s blogs.

Complexity Stupidity

How do you feel about kids jumping around where there is possibility of danger.  Read it from a parents perspective.

I wish strangers would stop judging


Now this will definitely get people thinking…

Keeping children sedentary is causing harm

Started Reading

Still at Chapter 9.  If you are coaching or looking at coaching endurance athletes, go out and buy a copy.  You will not be disappointed.

Endurance Training – Science and Practice