Helpful Articles of the Week – 3 November 2016

And……….we are now back to weekly!!!!  It took a little while, but, well you know.  Glad to be back. A new Website of the Week, and of course the following areas are covered off:

  • General Health and Fitness
  • Movement Wellness
  • Strength Training
  • Diet and Nutrition
  • Mental Wellness
  • Humanity
  • Coaching
  • Started Reading
  • Workshops

Website of the Week

Fight the Fads has been around since January, and they are already tackling the tough stories and sticking it to those that think they know what they are talking about.

Fight the Fads

General Health and Fitness

What should women lift?  Should they do all the exercises that men do?  Should they lift heavy?  We have all heard the rot.  Now.  Read the truth.

Strength Training for Women – Sorting out Fact and Fiction

Gold Medal Bodies.  They are definitely one of my go to resources for information on body weight movement.  If you want to be a bad ass for the rest of your life, then take a read.

Be a badass for life

Plyometric training is one of the buzz words that pop up.  But most trainers have no idea how to do them, as well as how to program them into a training cycle.

Plyometric Training

I have been waiting for an article like this to come out and for good reason.  Yes, weight is such an important part in the clinical side of the house.  If you carry extra weight around your midsection, your chances of certain diseases are increased.  But then again, so are your genetics, as well as your socioeconomic status.  But let’s take all that into account.  I do believe there is ideal body weight for each of us, but not one for all of us (if that makes sense)….

Is there such a thing as ideal body weight

Movement Wellness

If you suck at your overhead position (as I do) there are ways and means to get better.  One way is to try to follow every ‘expert’ on Facebook, Instagram or You Tube.  The other (and better way) is to click on the link below.

3 keys for creating usable overhead mobility

This is one bloke I am looking forward to meeting when I next get to Melbourne with a couple of free days. If you have recently suffered an ACL reconstruction, read this article and share it with your doctor and physio.

ACL Reconstruction and return to sport

Scapular winging.  The special bond where power and stability, but what is it, and what can we do to fix it?  Well luckily we have Dr Quinn, Movement Man (I know corny, but I am a kid of the 80’s and 90’s) has the answers.

Dr Quinn and Scapular Winging

Last week we had Nick Tumminello on T spine mobility, this week we have all the crew from On Target Publications provide some more food for thought.

T-Spine Mobility: Why It’s Important

Strength Training

Greg Nuckols.  Strengtheory.  Deadlift.


How to Deadlift

The thing I have found is when Eric Cressey posts, I read, and learn. Same applies to this.

5 spine sparing strength and conditioning program strategies

Diet and Nutrition

The way to lose body weight is to use more calories than you put into your mouth.  Pretty simple message in reality.  But, what happens when you can give a slight tweak here and there to burn a couple of calories extra?  Well then, let Authority Nutrition help you out.

6 unusual ways to burn calories

If you want to follow the right people, then this is the starting point.  This article was written to point out the incorrect information given out by Marie Claire (yup, the fashion magazine) .  They won’t win themselves any writing gigs with the magazine (which is a shame) but it does make you think of the lack of credentials some people need to have.

The women can change the way you eat forever

The BEST diet?  Really?  The BESTEST, BESTEST, BESTEST diet ever?  Ahh….Now go and read and find out the truth.  Thank you Precision Nutrition!!!

The best diet

GMO!!!!  That is enough to send people freaking out, running around like Chicken Little.  Do yourself a favour and get a little education.  Brad is here to save the day (well for some of you of course.  There are others that are all kinds of fucked up).

Genetically Modified Organisms

Mental Wellness

Train.  Eat.  Rest.  Recover.  Repeat.  Same old same old training methodology that has been used for decade.  But what happens when your sleep is off, and your next event isn’t to far away?  And yes, we all know that sleep is part of the recover strategy, but do we really look at it as we should.

Sleep perchance win

Exercise.  Movement.  Skills we need to learn to get better physically and mentally.  But do we know what life skills are provided when we exercise???

5 life skills exercise will teach you

Holstee is a great site to get some healthy mindset happening.  If you are struggling to find “mindfulness’ then this site won’t do you any harm.

Is it time to move on

James Clear.  Thank you.



I can’t wait for next week to roll around due to the whole week being dedicated to Shoosh.  If you don’t know what Shoosh week is, click on the link and sign your local sporting club up to it.  It is a brilliant initiative!!

Shoosh for Kids


I don’t normally say well done to the politicians, but this is a little different.  If we can teach kids that integrity in life, as well as sports, is crucial, we will go a long way.  This is a great initiative.

Taking sport integrity to schools

Started Reading

As I have a couple of marathoners in my athletes at the moment, I thought it was about time to delve into endurance training a little deeper.  I hope to resurface sometime in the next 3 weeks…..

Endurance Training – Science and Practice


I was lucky enough to spend 9 hours with Greg last Sunday (it should of been 10 hours, but…too long of a story) on his Mobility and Performance Workshop.  If you have not been to Greg’s workshop, you are wasting your money.  I have included the link to the Melbourne gig, as well as to the Prepare to Perform page.

Mobility and Performance Workshop – Melbourne

Prepare to Perform