Best articles of the week – 29th of October 2016

Well we are nearly back on track.  Celebrated my wife’s birthday in style, took a couple of days of rest, as well as run three warm ups for the inaugural Bega Fun Run.  It was indeed a full week. Even got in a couple of quality rides as well.

Website of the Week

Always good to share a quality Australian page, and here we have one of the best in the business.  Andrew has been doing this for quite a while, and sometimes this is a bad thing.  However, in Andrew’s case, he continues to learn.  Sign up.  Get great advice.  Learn.

Read Performance Training

General Fitness

Why do you smoke?  Most people say to relieve stress.  For most people this is true, but there are some huge linkages to an early death, or a painful longer life.  What is also being researched is the pain caused by smoking.

If you want to potentially live longer (yes nothing is guaranteed of course) then please, for your own health, and those of your family, stop smoking.

Smoking and Chronic Pain

This was the blog post that took me to Read PT, and we can all be thankful for that.  If you want to find out what 8-7-4-3-2 means, all you have to click on the link.  From there, it will become much clearer…..

8-7-4-3-2 – Guidelines for life

We hear and see it all the time.  Science doesn’t know shit.  It works for me, so therefore it will work for you.  Bullshit.  While science doesn’t have all the answers, it knows bloody more than you will ever do.

Responses to the Top 10 Arguments Against Science-Based Training and Nutrition

What do you think the forgotten quality is?  I think you will be a little shocked at what Tony says.

Forgotten quality of the fitness industry

Movement Wellness

In December I am heading into the Snowy Mountains to ride in Le Tape.  It is such a shame that at the same time one of the best trainers on the planet will also be in country, but in a different state.  If only I could get him to spend 6 hours with me on a saddle so we could shoot the breeze. Maybe next time.

Thoracic Mobility with Nick Tumminello

Movement Wellness this time has causes and treatment from the same place.  This is the causes.

5 Common Causes of Extension Based Lower Back Pain

Hip flexors.  We stretch.  And stretch.  And stretch. And strrrrrreeeeeeetttccchhhh.  Maybe we should activate instead?

Tight Hip Flexors? Try Activating Instead Of Stretching

Above we had 5 common causes.  Here we have 6 steps.  Sounds like we have a winner!!!

6 Step Guide to Prevent and Treat Extension Based Lower Back Pain

Strength Training

If you had a group of young athletes that needed power and strength development, which articles would you go and review?  .Well, stop looking.  They are below.

8 Articles Designed to Give You a Variety of Power and Strength Development Activities for High School Athletes in Every Group

Periodization has been around since Konng picked up a rock and aimed it at the dinosaurs head and it fell short. Well maybe not that long.  Take a look here at this journal article and get a better understanding.

Periodization Paradigms in the 21st Century: Evidence-Led or Tradition-Driven?

Gotta love getting educated.  If you want to understand elastic resistance, and its uses, then click below.

Elastic-Resistance Training

Oh Mr Nuckols.  You have done it again.

Hamstrings: The Most Overrated Muscle for the Squat 2.0

Strong First are the leaders for all things Kettlebells, and body weight movement. If a strict Hanging Leg Raise is on your list of goals, then check this out.

How to Train Your Way to Owning a Strict Hanging Leg Raise


“If you eat this slice of cake, you will need to do 1million burpees”, are constant messages we see from people who have no fucking idea about basic metabolism.  Solid advice in this day and age is a little hard to find, but here is an article that is spot on.

Calorie Miscounting

What protein myths of you heard?  Which is real?  What is utter bullshit?  Read.  Your wallet will love you for it

Best FAQ’s Following “Protein Myths” Article

Alan Aragon.  Brad Schoenfeld. Smart cookies.  If you are struggling to get the right information about nutrient timing, then read the journal article.

Nutrient timing revisited: is there a post-exercise anabolic window?

Mental Wellness

Read this.  Put your fucking phone and tablet down and get outside.  You’re welcome.

We could use some face time


Are you a yeller?  Why do you yell?  What do you yell at? If you are struggling to stop yelling.

The important thing about yelling


Human Kinetics not only sell books, but also have some great articles that they share from time to time.  Here is one of the latest ones.

Coaching Males/Coaching Females

Who wouldn’t take the time to listen to the coaches from the one of the best sporting teams .

What I Learned from the All Blacks Coaches

Started Reading

Still down to the last couple of chapters. These last couple of been a little deeper…..

Endurance Training – Science and Practice

Finished Reading

Finally completed.  Yes it was deep, but it’s a book on sports psychology.  If you have finished your studies at university, then this is the next book to get.  It will definitely save you some of the hard work.

Being a Sport Psychologist