The School of Strength was created with individuals in mind.  After visiting several local gyms, and seeing poor exercise coaching, exercise programming and a lack of empathy for individuals struggling, I decided that enough was enough.  After receiving the required accreditation and insurances, the School was born.

It is a gym.  You matter.  Your goals matter.  The food you love matters.  How you move matters.  The techniques I teach come from many coaches.  I look at it as a testing ground.  My first tester is myself.  If the exercise, movement or device works on me, then I allow it to be used on the students.

Barbells.  Dumbbells.  Balls.  Kettlebells. Bands.  Bags.  Slosh balls. These are the devices that the school uses on your body to make it better.  To make it stronger.  T0 allow it to become resilient.

You want to be strong? Then you must learn to deal with your mind. The body will follow where the mind leads.

Inspired by the Underground Strength Nation and created with the Real Movement Project in mind.


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