Welcome to 2017 – The first of the year – 27th January 2017

Well hasn’t January just flown!!! Seems like 2 days ago I was saying goodbye to 2016, and now we are nearly at the end of January.   Next week I will be another year older (and hopefully wiser)

This week we have a new Website of the Week, and some sensational articles from places that you probably wouldn’t expect them to be.

Website of the Week

I have shared several articles from Dr.Freedhoff, so I thought it was about time I gave his website the huge thumbs up.  If you want to gain a better understanding of the nutrition world, as well as obesity, and exercise, Yoni is one of my go to resources.

Weighty Matters

General Health and Fitness

How do you learn about your chosen field?  Do you (1) just follow the what you have been taught previously, never reading anything new, or do you (2) continue to learn and educate yourself?  I know several coaches and trainers who can’t get out of their head out of what they have been taught, never wanting to think any other way is better.  Always learn.  You will be better off (as will you clients).

A weight-loss expert changes his tune: Focus on enjoyment, not perfection – Dr Yoni Freedhoff

Bryan.  Educator.  Strong as.  Bulldog lover.  Not a bad guy from all accounts.  Be like Bryan.  Teach people to become better.

8 Sneaky Reasons You’re a Fat Loss Failure

More studies.  More learning.  More people still stuck n the n=1 scenario.

Cranberries to prevent urinary tract infections: Another alternative medicine zombie that’s impervious to evidence

Now you know how I mentioned Yoni before?  Well here is one of the reasons….

A must read guest posting an apology

Yes I know.  I am doing myself out a job, but let me tell you the reason why.  We get all caught up in the New Years Resolution time warp, where we think we need to get started right away.  All our intentions are right, but it’s all the timing and delivery.  Sure.  There are some trainers who will just take your money, and don’t worry about your mental well being.  All they see is the $$$ signs.

Reality Check: Just Paying a Trainer Won’t Get You Fit

Movement Goodness

GMB.  Great website.  Great content.  Great coaches.

5 Strategies to Make Training with Your Kids Fun and Effective… for Both of You

Which sports can I do that will have the greatest affect and effect on my longevity and health?  Well glad you asked…..

Health benefits of specific sports

Shoulders.  Damn fine pieces of machinery when they are working well.  Bloody bastard of a joint when they aren’t…..

Comprehensive Capacity: an alternative to the kinesiopathological model for shoulder function

Strength Training

Hypertrophy.  Go on say that 5 times fast!!!  If you don’t know what it is, let alone how to pronounce it (hahy-pur-truh-fee), this article will indeed get your learning up.

Hypertrophy – The breakdown

This is going to upset the apple cart……The baby will definitely get thrown out….

Body part training splits are dead

Strength and Conditioning Research.  Sign up.  Up your knowledge base.

Why are strength gains velocity-specific? (strength is specific)

Diet and Nutrition

Train.  Eat the house.  But what to eat?  Do you eat the doors and windows?  Get the right information here.

Avoid feeling famished when you ramp up your workouts

Examine.  That’s all.

High-carb, high satiety?

Protein shakes.  Are they good?  Are there different types?  Well glad you asked.

Everything you need to know about protein shakes

LCHF.  Ketosis.  Performance.  These words gets bandied around as the next best thing for performance.  Read the article.  Form your own conclusions.

The High-Fat Diet for Endurance Athletes, in Three Graphs – Don’t believe the hype

Do you know what metabolic damage is?  Read the article from Precision Nutrition.  You will be better off.

Metabolic Damage

Mental Goodness

If all you worry about fixing is what is urgent, then you need to find what’s important.  It will change your thought process..

5 Ways to Focus on What’s Important, Not Just Urgent

Now this sounds of a little bit of woo, but read the article, and draw your own conclusions.

Optimism linked with living longer and warding off cancer, stroke, infection, heart disease

When Navy SEALs talk about life, we should listen.

Simple is not easy


If people share this study and claim that autism is caused by vaccines, punch them in the throat.

16 years ago, a doctor published a study. It was completely made up, and it made us all sicker

Do this in this time.  Divide up your day.  Don’t waste time.  Set aside this amount of time for lunch.  Time management is a great idea, but what happens when you start to get stressed out….

Why time management is ruining our lives

Be a decent human.  Listen more.  Talk less.

A Genuinely Touching Story Proving There’s Nothing More Important Than Kindness


This will cause ripple across the coaching and training community.

You don’t sell quick fixes. So why are you buying them?

Boom!!!!  Mike dropped

Evidence Based Coaching

Does Cold Water Immersion work?  One way to find out.

Read the link below.

Cold Water Immersion

Interesting name for a title.  If you are a coach, you will understand

Creating Hunters

Move aside Herbalife, there is a new player in the marketplace…

Performance Enhancing Drugs

Should we prescribe exercise as a preventive therapy?  Why not I say…

Prescribing exercise as preventive therapy

Started Reading

If you are an aspiring Performance Coach, then you need to buy this.  I am up to Chapter 9 – Fine Tuning motor control, with tags everywhere!!

High-Performance Training for Sports

 Finished Reading


Endurance Training – Science and Practice


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